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Energy Saving Products - Reducing the UK's Carbon Footprint

To meet the growing demand for energy saving products and the need to reduce CO2 emissions, Think Energy UK was formed with an initial focus concentrated on four main energy saving product ranges:

  • Energy saving lighting
  • Commercial Energy Saving Boiler Management systems
  • More Energy Efficient Refrigeration systems
  • Sourcing more competitive Utility Suppliers

Commercial Energy Saving Lighting Solutions

The energy efficient lighting provided by Think Energy UK is designed with the commercial user in mind. The lighting products are suitable for a wide range of applications, from schools and hotels to office developments and industrial premises. Even outside areas, such as car parks, can benefit from Think Energy UK's energy saving lighting. From halogen replacement light bulbs to the T5 range of fluorescent tubes and new ranges of LED lighting products, you can start saving money and reduce your carbon footprint with Think Energy UK.

Energy Saving Boiler Management Systems

Reducing the cost of your heating and hot water bills isn't always easy. Turning down the thermostat or reaching for a jumper is sometimes an option at home, but not a practical solution when it comes to heating commercial premises.

Boiler Management Control Systems enable you to make substantial savings on your fuel bills without compromising on warmth or provision of hot water.

Over 10,000 systems are currently in use in the UK, installed in schools and commercial premises, as well as the offices of companies such as Microsoft, Bass Group, Hilton Hotel Group, British Aerospace, BBC, Royal Bank of Scotland and many other household names. These systems, which are compatible with mains gas, oil and LPG, intelligently manage boilers and warm air burners, maximising efficiency while ensuring the demand placed on the heating system is fully met.

In a nutshell - these Boiler Management Systems will guarantee to save you 25%, but may save up to 40% in some instances on your commercial heating bills and reduce your carbon footprint!

Think Energy UK are also able to provide a number of energy saving products for refrigeration systems, gas mechanisms eg. gas cookers and efficiency monitoring devices enabling you to keep tabs on exactly how much you are spending on your bills.

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