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Simplified Building Energy Model

We offer a broad range of lights, fittings, sensors, illuminated exit signs and more. There are many options to improve existing light quality, as well as making substantial cost and energy savings. As a result, you may decide that a review of your lighting is needed.

Think Energy UK can undertake a FREE survey of your premises and will advise you what energy efficient lighting solution is best for you. There are various site surveys available depending upon individual requirements.

Reducing the Cost of Heating Commercial Premises

Heating commercial premises is a costly business, particularly with ever increasing fuel charges. Every penny spent on your commercial heating system affects your bottom line - your profits.

Save up to 40% on your Commercial Heating Costs

Now you can save up to a massive 40% on the cost of your commercial heating, with the range of hi-tech energy efficient systems brought to you by Think Energy UK. When retrofitted to your existing heating system, or installed as part of a new build, this range of products will save you substantial sums of money and reduce your carbon footprint.

Our complete range of products is suitable for use with gas, oil or LPG boilers in a variety of applications including:

  • Commercial heating systems - e.g hotels, offices, retail premises
  • Industrial premises - e.g. factories, warehouses etc.
  • Public Sector buildings - e.g. offices, hospitals, prisons, schools etc.


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